Safetyfuse Polycoated

We manufacture CE certified export quality plastic coated safety fuse, suitable for use in damp and dry conditions.

Safety Fuse Blue WP

Our Blue WP safety fuse is particularly suited for blasting in dry conditions, used to initiate gunpowder and plain detonators.

Visco Fuse

Our visco / cannon fuse is of premium quality with EX Registration for USA and CE Certification & ADR classification certificate for Europe. We customize for bulk orders.

GP Igniter Cord

Our GP igniter cord is designed for use in the mining industry, to light multiple safety fuse pieces in the desired sequence.

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Manufacturers & exporters of safety fuse & explosive accessories, based in India

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Across countries in Europe, South East Asia, South America & Africa, as well as UK and USA.

70 years of Experience

Manufacturing Safety Fuse since 1942; adapting to customers’ needs constantly.

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Our quality management system is certified by TÜV SÜD as ISO 9001:2015 compliant.


‘At Commercial Explosives (India) Private Limited, we manufacture Explosives’ Accessories which have been proven and optimized for performance, reliability and safety to our customers’ satisfaction.

Manufacturing of Safety Fuse & Gunpowder is a delicate and hazardous operation. The achievement of total safety and product success depends upon several factors like precise compositions and rigorous quality tests, standardized manufacturing processes, safe machinery and equipment and their proper maintenance, construction and protection of building as per specifications and training of personnel.

WWII - The Need for indigenous Safety Fuse

WWII and its consequent scarcity of an item like safety fuse put the entire mining operations in collieries and others at a standstill in India. Sir Manekji Dadabhoy, Managing Director of Ballarpur Collieries Limited, asked Mr. S. Sanyal, his Chief Engineer, to find a substitute for the purpose and, if possible, develop the manufacture of indigenous safety fuse to avert total closure.

1944 – The Birth

Mr. Sanyal set himself to the task of developing manufacture of indigenous safety fuse. Experiments and trials continued day in and day out and a model safety fuse machine was designed with the little information then available within a short space of a month. With the cooperation of his friends, a small factory was set up to manufacture the safety fuse in the year 1944.

Growth of an Indigenous Enterprise

That was just the beginning of an indigenous enterprise, which called for more and more ingenuity to solve the various problems encountered in industrial production and Mr. Sanyal had to design several machines for various unit operations of the process. Today, more than eighteen diverse types of machines designed and indigenously fabricated in their own workshop are operating in Commercial Explosives (India) Private Limited.

1973 – Commercial Explosives

On 5th March 1973, ‘SANYAL HASONJEE EXPLOSIVES LIMITED’ changed its name to ‘COMMERCIAL EXPLOSIVES (INDIA) LIMITED’. On 3rd June 2009, the company was converted into a private limited company.

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