Perfect Cannon Hobby Fuse

Perfect Cannon Hobby Fuse

Perfect (Cannon) Hobby Fuse is a faster version of our Premium Cannon Hobby Fuse used in display fireworks and other pyrotechnics.

It is mostly used by professionals and enthusiasts to create a shorter delay in the rate of firing multiple fireworks linked together, or for firing multiple shells / cakes in display fireworks to create a burst train.

Our Perfect Cannon Hobby Fuse is 3.0 mm thick. We can manufacture this fuse in various colours and packing, as per the users’ requirement.

Our products are of international quality and have EX Registration for USA.

The construction consists of multiple layers of yarn wrapped around the powder core and a top layer of nitrocellulose lacquer to bind the fuse together, and provide water resistance, higher shelf life and stiffness. The fuse contains non-ferrous wire in the core to maintain stiffness and stability of burning speed.

It is capable of cross ignition / lateral transmission of flame and is mostly fully consumed as it burns instead of leaving a significant carcass.

it is advised to keep the fuse in the bag until ready for use, as burn speeds can be affected by long term exposure to moisture and low temperatures.

Perfect Cannon Fuse Uses

Shipping Details

As per Indian Explosives Rules

  • Class 7, Division 3
  • Safety Distance Category - "X"
  • As per UN Regulations
  • UN 0336 or UN 0066
  • Proper Shipping Name - Fireworks or Cord, Igniter
  • Class 1, Division 1.4, Group G
  • Hazard labels:

Igniter Cord,fast visco fuse,artillery fuse,perfect cannon,hobby fuse

Standard Specifications

Diameter: 3.0 mm
Burning Speed: 40 to 52 Seconds per Meter / 13 to 16 Seconds per Foot
Colour: Pink / Green (As per requirement)
Customized: Available as long coil, short coil (in individual plastic), reel and precut length


For product safety information, hazards, precautions, contents, usage / storage / handling instructions and emergency situation instructions of Tiger Brand Visco Fuse please download the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).

Download MSDS

Advantages of Perfect Cannon Fuse

Safe and Reliable

Safe and Reliable

Economical in use

Economical in use

Simple to operate

Simple to operate

Water Resistant

Water resistant

Perfect Cannon Fuse Product Videos

Green 3mm high flame

Visco Fuse Underwater

FAQs - Perfect Cannon Fuse

For bulk orders, we can offer customized colour, and packing.

The construction of both is quite same.

The Perfect Cannon fuse burns at a faster rate than the Premium Cannon Fuse.

An order quantity below 100 Kilometers (100,000 metres) is rarely economical due the fixed export and freight overheads. However, we can consider a lower quantity in case of specialized products and in case the buyer is agreeable to higher costs.

Our production and QC processes are certified under ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems by TÜV SÜD. Our products have EX Registration for USA.

No, our prices are dependent on the specifications and quantities required.

FAQs - Transport & Shipping

For international transport to Europe and Africa and Southeast Asia, we can send containerized shipment by sea to certain countries / ports which handle HAZ cargo and onwards transportation can take place by road as per local laws and norms. We can also air freight to many countries / airports subject to local approvals and acceptance by airlines.

No, courier companies strictly do not accept Class 1 HAZ cargo in any quantity from India.

Due to lengthy process of licensing, permissions and transit permits and infrequent availability of IMO vessels and congestions, even after production it may take around 15-25 days for the shipment to move from India.

We can export to all countries which are not specifically prohibited by India and where transportation is available. Additional certification and registration as per local laws and rules may be required.