Safety Fuse - Blue WP

‘Tiger’ Safety Fuse – Blue WP

‘Blue WP’ is an uncoated safety fuse for blasting i.e. without any plastic coating. It is particularly suited for the climate and mining conditions in India and compatible with plain detonators used in India.

In Blue WP safety fuse, gunpowder is wound in yarn and coated with multiple layers of bitumen. For added water-resistance, it is given an additional covering of plastic film. For identification purposes and to reduce the stickiness of the bitumen layer, this type of fuse is painted blue.

Safety fuse Blue WP is an economical option that is less water-resistant, and should only be used in dry conditions.

Tip – We adhere to strict quality control to achieve uniform burn times as far as possible. However, we recommend using safety fuses with adequate safety margins as they are subject to variation based on storage and usage conditions.

Blue WP Safety Fuse Uses

Standard Packaging
Shipping Details
Standard Coil Length 7.32 Metre 10 Metre 12 Feet / 3.66 Metre 2 Metre
Standard Packing Practice 75 Coils in one CFB Box 50 Coils in one CFB Box 150 Coils in one CFB Box 275 coils in one CFB Box
Total Quantity in Box 549 Metre 500 Metre 549 Metre 550 Metre
Box Dimensions 305 x 305 x 305 mm 305 x 305 x 305 mm 305 x 305 x 305 mm 305 x 305 x 305 mm
Gross Weight 11 kg 10 kg 11 kg 11 kg
Net Weight 10.5 kg 9.5 kg 10.5 kg 10.5 kg

As per Indian Explosives Rules

  • PESO Brand ID - 425
  • Class 6, Division 1
  • Safety Distance Category - "X"
  • Marking on outer package – “SAFETY FUSE”

  • As per UN Regulations

    • UN 0105
    • Proper Shipping Name - FUSE, SAFETY
    • Class 1, Division 1.4, Group S
    • Stowage Category 1
  • Hazard labels:

Safety Fuse Blue WP

Standard Specifications

Diameter: 4.7 ± 0.2 (mm)
Burning Speed: 115 ± 10 % (Seconds per Metre)
Standard Core Load (Net Explosive Quantity NEQ): 4.5 grams per Metre ± 10%
Gap Sensitivity: Minimum 30 mm


For indicative product safety information, hazards, precautions, contents, usage / storage / handling instructions and emergency situation instructions of Tiger Brand Safety Fuse please download the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) and also refer to local laws and regulations

Download MSDS
Download E-Brochure

Advantages of Blue WP Safety Fuse

Dry Climate

Best suited for dry conditions

Simple Operation

Simple and easy-to-understand operation

Multi Use

Can be used to initiate gunpowder blasting as well as plain detonators.


Economical to use compared to other initiating systems

Blue WP Safety Fuse Product Videos

Blue WP Gap Sensitivity

Blue WP

FAQs - Blue WP Safety Fuse Product

Safety fuse for blasting is an explosives accessory used in the mining industry which is in the form of a strong and flexible cord filled with gunpowder.

The length of the safety fuse is chosen and cut according to the required time delay. An end of the safety fuse is inserted and crimped into the plain detonator, while the other end is left open for ignition. A safety match or igniter is used to ignite the open end, and the fuse slowly burns towards the plain detonator. The slow burning gives the blaster time to retreat a safe distance from the blast site. Once the fire in the safety fuse reaches the plain detonator, the detonator explodes and initiates the explosives with which the plain detonator is used.

No, there is little to no sparking flame visible outside the safety fuse except at the ends or in case the fuse surface is damaged along its length.
For longer shelf life, water and abrasion resistance, Polycoated safety fuse is best suited. For dry areas with low atmospheric moisture and dry hole conditions, Blue WP fuse may be used. The diameter of the safety fuse must be compatible with the diameter of the plain detonator. Safety fuse is not used in underground gassy mines.
For Polycoated safety fuse and bulk orders, we can offer the customized colour, diameter and burning speed (upto certain extents)

Safety fuse is generally used for Blasting purposes in mining, quarries and construction work with plain detonators although time fuse is somewhat similar to safety fuse and still used for fireworks.

Visco fuse / micro cord / cannon fuse is used to ignite fireworks and other pyrotechnics. They have different characteristics and usage should be evaluated thoroughly.

Within India - 1 Box as per the approved Packing Code of PESO and maximum as per license held.

Outside India – An order quantity below 100 Kilometers (100,000 metres) is rarely economical due the fixed export and freight overheads. However, we can consider a lower quantity in case of specialized products and in case the buyer is agreeable to higher costs.
Our production and QC processes are certified under ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems by TÜV SÜD. Our product - Safety Fuse Polycoated is CE certified.
Currently our CE certification for safety fuse is valid for diameter 5.1 mm ± 0.3mm
No, our prices are dependent on the specifications and quantities required.

FAQs - Transport & Shipping

Within India, they are transported in ordinary transport trucks by road as permitted by law.

For international transport to Europe and Africa and Southeast Asia, we can send containerized shipment by sea to certain countries / ports which handle HAZ cargo and onwards transportation can take place by road as per local laws and norms. We can also air freight to many countries / airports subject to local approvals and acceptance by airlines.
No, courier companies strictly do not accept Class 1 HAZ cargo in any quantity from India.

Due to lengthy process of licensing, permissions and transit permits and infrequent availability of IMO vessels and congestions, even after production it may take around 15-25 days for the shipment to move from India.

We can export to all countries which are not specifically prohibited by India and where transportation is available. Additional certification and registration as per local laws and rules may be required.