Time Fuse

Time Fuse

Time fuse is made in the style of the original bickford fuse, It can be used in the fireworks as well as mining applications.

The construction of the fuse is quite similar to safety fuse. The outer layer is not coated with anything but is instead wrapped in paper. While burning, no flame is observable at the sides of the fuse.

it is commonly used inside fireworks shells to give a reliable, timed source of ignition to the inside of the firework shell. This allows the shell to burst right at apogee. It can also be used to fuse together fireworks shells in a display, giving a reliable time delay between the ignition of the shells. Time fuse is relatively difficult to light than visco fuse / micro cord.

Tip – We adhere to strict quality control to achieve uniform burn times as far as possible. However, we recommend using safety fuses with adequate safety margins as they are subject to variation based on storage and usage conditions. We also recommend that a test burn of required length is conducted where timing is important.

Time Fuse Uses

Shipping Details

As per Indian Explosives Rules

  • PESO Brand ID - 425
  • Class 6, Division 1
  • Safety Distance Category - "X"
  • Marking on outer package – “SAFETY FUSE”

As per UN Regulations

  • UN 0105
  • Proper Shipping Name - FUSE, SAFETY
  • Class 1, Division 1.4, Group S
  • Stowage Category 1
  • Hazard labels:

Time Fuse

We can provide some level of customization for bulk orders.


Standard Specifications

Diameter: 6.0 ± 0.2(mm)
Burning Speed: 115 ± 10% Seconds per Metre
Burning Speed: 35 ± 10% Seconds per Foot
Gap Sensitivity: Minimum 30 mm
Standard Core Load (Net Explosive Quantity NEQ): 6.0 grams per Metre ± 10%
Customized: Different Diameters, Burning Speed, colours and packing for Bulk orders.


For indicative product safety information, hazards, precautions, contents, usage / storage / handling instructions and emergency situation instructions of Tiger Brand Safety Fuse please download the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) and also refer to local laws and regulations

Download MSDS

Advantages of Time Fuse

All Conditions

Suitable for damp as well as dry conditions

Simple & Economical

Simple to operate and economical compared to other initiating systems

Multi Use

Can be used to initiate gunpowder blasting as well as plain detonators.

Shelf Life

Better shelf life

Higher Resistance

Higher water and abrasion resistance

Time Fuse Product Videos

Time Fuse

FAQs - Transport & Shipping

Within India, they are transported in ordinary transport trucks by road as permitted by law.

For international transport to Europe and Africa and Southeast Asia, we can send containerized shipment by sea to certain countries / ports which handle HAZ cargo and onwards transportation can take place by road as per local laws and norms. We can also air freight to many countries / airports subject to local approvals and acceptance by airlines.
No, courier companies strictly do not accept Class 1 HAZ cargo in any quantity from India.

Due to lengthy process of licensing, permissions and transit permits and infrequent availability of IMO vessels and congestions, even after production it may take around 15-25 days for the shipment to move from India.

We can export to all countries which are not specifically prohibited by India and where transportation is available. Additional certification and registration as per local laws and rules may be required.